Rack cabinet – 9U – 450mm

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This rack cabinet (9U – 450mm) is suitable for mounting all sorts of devices in standard 19″ rack housings. Ideal for installing headends.
Increasingly, home LAN, TV, CCTV devices are compliant with RACK system and are mounted in such cabinets which ensure esthetic look and protection against accidental mechanical damage.

The cabinet can also house devices that are not in standard 19″ rack housings, for example multiswitches, RF amplifiers, modulators, DVRs, servers. For this purpose the user should mount additional shelf/shelves available for this cabinet.
Multiple openings ensure adequate air circulation. Additionally, it is possible to install fans to provide forced ventilation.

The self-assembling time is typically less than 10 minutes.

  • internal width: 19"
  • Internal height [U]: 9U
  • External width [mm]: 570mm
  • External depth [mm]: 450 mm
  • External height [mm]: 500 mm
  • The self-assembling time is typically less than: 10 minuti
  • Side panels: Steel, snap-in
  • Door: Front door /Glass