RF Surge Protector: TRANS-DATA 900-2500MHz

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During thunderstorms, electronic devices are very vulnerable to damages. The risk of over-voltage caused by lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) is present even in distant spots, up to 1.5 km from the place where a lightning bolt strikes.
A good solution is mounting the antenna on a mast/tower, the base of which is connected to the lightning conductor and grounding system. Additionally, the mast/tower has to be extended well above the antenna (or the antenna should be mounted well below the top of the mast/tower).
In the event of a direct lightning strike, the mast carries the electric charge to the ground. However, to protect the electronic circuitry against LEMP, one should connect between the antenna and AP or cellular repeater a suitable surge protector. TRANS-DATA 900-2500MHz has been specially designed for this purpose.
The right grounding
The lightning protector must be grounded via the clamp and low-impedance wire. To avoid overvoltages, the protector should be connected to low-resistance grounding (below 4 ohm), by screwing or soldering. As the grounding, it is not allowed to use any lightning conductors/arresters or gas installation pipes!
The device protects only the equipment to which is directly connected.
It should be mounted directly to the antenna connector of the GSM repeater, AP etc.
Name Signal Surge Protector TRANS-DATA 900-2500MHz
Code A6815
Max transmitted power [W] 200
Impedance [Ω] 50
VSWR <1.1
Insertion loss [dB] 0.2
Threshold voltage (to the ground) [V] 230
Connectors N-f/N-m
Dimensions 74x42x20
Weight [kg] 0.1
Operating temperature [°C] -40...70