Stella Doradus Dual Band SD-RP-1001LG – 1.000mq

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StellaHome800/900 GSM + 4G signal booster| Boost GSM voice call and 4G data in your home.

This dualband signal booster is your best choice if you are looking for both great voice call quality (GSM) and also great 4G data speeds.

The antenna on your roof receives the GSM and 4G mobile signal.
The signal is sent via coaxial cable to your StellaHome800/900 signal booster where it gets amplified.
The inside antenna attached to the booster sends this amplified signal around your house.
Your mobile devices then communicate with this signal.
The great thing about the Stellahome GSM +4G booster is that it covers you for both quality phone calls (at 900Mhz) and super fast 4G data (at 800Mhz)

Note: Your network operator must be transmitting 4G at 800Mhz in your area for this booster to boost 4G. Use our search tool to find out this information.

    • Provides GSM and 4G signal in your home
    • Coverage: 2-5 rooms
    • Frequency: 800Mhz + 900Mhz
    • Compatible with all mobile operators
    • CE Certified
    • Signal Power and diagnostics indicator
    • Complete operator network protection
    • Assembled and tested in Ireland
    • 3 year Warranty
  1. 1 StellaHome800+900 booster
  2. 1 internal and external antenna
  3. 1 power supply
  4. 12m coaxial cable(SD240)

Quick install guide

  1. We recommend doing a "loose" install first, so that you can test where best to place your cables and antennas.
  2. Install the outdoor panel antenna in a location where there is good mobile signal. (usually this is your roof).
  3. Using the supplied 12m cable, run it down inside your house to the Stellahome repeater.
  4. Attach this cable to the repeater. Then attach the indoor panel antenna to the repeater.
  5. Plug in the power supply.
Frequenza di lavoro: 791-862MHz + 880-960
Guadagno: UP: 50dB, DL: 60dB
Area di copertura 1.000m2
Guadagno antenna est
Impedenza  50Ω
Alimentazione 12 Vdc (AC/DC alimentatore)
Dimensioni 160x10x35mm