AC Transformer Pulsar AWT8172430 (230VAC/30-24-17VAC, 80VA)

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The Pulsar AWT8172430 AC/AC transformer of the TRZ 80/U1/U2/U3 series can supply various devices requiring 17 VAC, 24 VAC, or 30 VAC voltage, from 230 VAC power network, with power limit of 80 VA. The transformer is protected in the 230 VAC primary circuit by 0.63 A time-delay fuse (short-circuit protection) and thermal fuse (against overload/overheating, 130°C, not resettable).

Name and type AWT8172430
TRZ 80/17/24/30
Code M18311
Power 80 [VA]
Rated input (primary) voltage, frequency / current 230 VAC, 50 Hz / 0.4 A
Rated output (secondary) voltages 17 VAC / 24 VAC / 30 VAC
Rated (maximum) output currents (respectively to the voltages above) 4.5 A /3.3 A /2.7 A
Overload/overheating protection thermal fuse 130°C (not-resettable)
Short-circuit protection T630 mA / 250 VAC fuse
Environmental class II
Casing PC/ABS, IP43
Mounting cheese screw x4 (on a flat surface)
Connecting  terminal block for AWG 24-12 / 2.5 mm² wires
Operating temperature range -10°C...40°C
Dimensions 136 x 95 x 76 mm
Weight 1.78 kg