Buffer Power Supply: ZBF-12V/4A 17Ah EKO

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  • Universal, extra-wide range of input voltage: 88…264 VAC, 124-370 VAC;
  • Output protection against excessive voltage, overloading, short circuit;
  • Battery charging circuit separated from the main output circuit;
  • High efficiency (81%);
  • Small size and weight;
  • High reliability (MTBF: 304000 hours).
The buffer power supply ZBF-12-3A 17 Ah M1862 has been designed to ensure continuous supply for devices requiring 12 VDC stabilized voltage (adjustable within 10.5-13.8 V). Its switch-mode converter shows 74% efficiency and provides stable DC voltage (the tolerance of the set output voltage is +/-1%, ripple and noise level below 100 mVp-p).
During normal operation, the output voltage is converted by the SMPS from AC or DC power network, and the attached rechargeable battery is maintained in a charged state. In the case of a power network outage, the power is supplied by the rechargeable battery instead. There is no protection against battery deep discharge, which allows full use of the battery capacity.
The ZBF-12V/4A M1862 buffer power supply is sold without a battery.
Name ZBF-12-4A 17Ah
Code M1862
Input voltage 88-264 VAC (50 Hz),
124-370 VDC
Output voltage 10.5-13.8 VDC
Rated power consumption 55 W
Rated efficiency 81%
Max output current 4 A
Battery charging current 1 A
Number of outputs 1
Max output current 4 A
Backup rechargeable battery (not incl.) 12 V non-spillable lead acid, 12 Ah or 17/18 Ah
Short-circuit protection automatic
Overload protection automatic
Overvoltage protection automatic
Operating temperature -10°C...60°C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 300x250x50 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Remarks Metal housing