Buffer Power Supply ZBP-13.8V/3A AWZ 300 (in metal housing)

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  • Automatic overvoltage, short circuit, overload, thermal protections
  • Optical and electrical (relay output) indication of input AC voltage
  • Optical indication of DC voltage on each of the 4 outputs

ZK-35 M18293 is a 4-output power supply designed to power CCTV devices and industrial control and automation systems which require stabilized DC voltage within the range of 11.4…13.3 V, with total current consumption up to 2.5 A. After changing fuses in two outputs from 0.63 A to 1 A, it can supply e.g. two cameras with current consumption up to 1A each.

The power supply is equipped with LEDs monitoring proper operating conditions, i.e. the presence of the input voltage and the output DC voltage on each of the 4 outputs. In addition, a relay output can be used for signaling power failure in the system.

Name ZK-35
Code M18293
Input voltage 230 VAC
Output voltage 11.4-13.2 VDC
Rated output power 30 W
Output current 4x 0.63 A
Number of outputs 4
Short-circuit protection fuses
Overload protection fuses
Overvoltage protection automatic, from 16 V
Operating temperature -10°C...60°C
Operating humidity (RH) max 90%
Dimensions (W x H x D) 218x195x70 mm
Weight 1 kg
Remarks Metal housing, NO/NC relay for signaling power failure