Switch Mode Power Supply PSD 48VDC/1.25A (2.1/5.5mm(+))

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SMPS for devices powered with 48 VDC with current consumption up to 1.25 A. The DC lead cable is 145 cm long, terminated with DC 2.1/5.5 plug (“+” in the middle).
The power supply in connection with PoE N9206 adapter is used for powering IP PoE cameras or other PoE devices intended for 48 VDC supply voltage.
Name PSD480125
Code M1894
Input voltage [VAC] 90-264 (50 Hz)
Output voltage [VDC] 48
Max output current [A] 1.25
Overload protection yes
Overvoltage protection yes
Short circuit protection yes
Efficiency [%] 89
DC lead cable length [m] 1.45
AC lead cable length [m] 1.15
Operating temperature [°C] -10...+40
Dimensions [mm] 116 x 54 x 35
Weight [kg] 0.27